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Meeting Needs...Sharing the Love of Christ!

"Grace" is an undeserved gift, something that we have not earned or worked for. The Gracelist is a little like Craigslist, only all the items listed are free of charge to individuals who can use them. Click the banner to the right for the most update list of items available. Click the mail link to contact the Gracelist coordinator about items needed or donations.
Many of us find that over time we accumulate "Stuff". Sometimes a garage sale is the answer or an ad on Craigslist, but why not consider being a blessing to someone in need. If you have something you want to get rid of, (but are willing to keep for a little while longer), contact Gracelist and we will keep a log of items needed and items available. All donations are tax deductible at their estimated used value.

We don't expect you to keep your items indefinitely waiting to see if someone needs it. Should you find a home for your item(s) before we do, simply contact us and let us know that it is no longer available.

This is a simple way to help meet needs we are aware of, bless our community, and tangibly share the Love of Jesus Christ who meets our deepest need in providing the only way to a living relationship with God.

Here are some examples of what you might have to offer:
A chest-type freezer. Stills works, no longer use.
A refrigerator. Works great except ice-maker no longer works.
Clothes for girl. Size 6. Clothes for boy sizes 3T-6x.
Man's winter coat. Size XL.
Toys for babies that are still in excellent condition.
A walker with wheels.
A set of adjustable height crutches.
A sofa. Shows some wear, but, still solid and useable.

Contact the Gracelist: